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I have worked on many Advanced Traffic Managment Systems (ATMS) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for over 15 years at both the public and private level. I have lived and worked in the Los Angeles, Nashville, and the Tampa Bay area on ATMS and ITS projects in the areas of design, construction, device and software testing and integration, and the operation and maintenance of ATMS and signal systems. I have experience deploying, operating and maintaining many devices and products, including Sensys, Wavetronix, BlueTOAD, various manufacturers of DMS, CCTV, network and video encoding equipment and Signal Controllers. Also have design, operation and maintenance experience for a variety of Traffic Management Center (TMC) equipment, central traffic/device control software and various video wall technology. I currently live in Nashville and work throughout the southeast for Concepts To Success (C2S) Engineering LLC, as a consultant in the areas of arterial ITS/ATMS and specialized signal systems.

Specialties: Advanced Signal Systems, Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSM&O), ITS Operations and Maintenance, Central and Manufacturer software applications including MIST, i2TMS and FLIR 360 Cameleon. Traffic Adaptive Signal Control softwares including RHODES, OPAC, and some SCATS and InSync operation/deployment. Also currently involved in SCOOT and ACS Lite projects in the Southeast.